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Why we can’t get admission directly and we have to go through coordinating companies?

 According to law of Ukraine there should be an intermediary licensed company registered in Ukraine who gives the financial guarantee of coming student and have to do all admission formalities and take care of students during his full stay.

1. Where is Ukraine located? 
Ukraine is the second largest country and situated in the south-eastern part of Europe .
2. What is the Capital of Ukraine and its population?
Kiev is the Capital of Ukraine, which has an overall population of 50 million (UN, 2004 data).
3. What is one of the major religion followed by the people in Ukraine?
4. What are the Universities you are representing in Ukraine?
Contact us for Universities details.
5. Are these Universities recognized or affiliated by any board of education or any other Educational Council?
Yes, they are recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education of Ukraine.
6. What is the duration of the program in Ukraine?
The duration varies between 2 – 6 years depending upon the courses of study.
7. What is the currency used in Ukraine?
The currency used in Ukraine is Hryvnia and the coins are known as Kopiyka. US Dollars are also acceptable. US$ 1 = 21.00 Hryvnia approximately (Please check current Official exchange rate of Hryvnia against foreign currencies).
8. What is the language used in Ukraine?
The language is Ukrainian, Russian, English, Romanian, Polish and Hungarian.
9. What is the medium of instruction in Ukraine?
The medium of instruction is "ENGLISH", “RUSSIAN”
10. Do we need to qualify any English test like IELTS or TOEFL for seeking admission into Ukrainian University?
No, it is not mandatory, but there are educational support programs available for those who need extra help in areas such as ESL or who have learning disorders.
11. Are Ukrainian degrees valued globally?
Yes, they are valued and recognised globally.
12. How is the accommodation arrangement and what are the charges?
The University Hostels are available for accommodation and it is included in the fee package.